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New Moorings

All "New Moorings" must go through a Maritime Safety Queensland application process; the appropriate forms and guidelines can be found in our Queensland Government Downloads section. Part of this process will require you to provide specification details of the type of mooring you intend to put in place.

Whitsunday Moorings and Marine Construction Pty Ltd will supply you with these details upon completion of the questionnaire fields below and acceptance of our Contract Terms and Conditions. You will then be directed through the EZYPAY portal to set up your payment arrangements.

Additional reading and information that you should make yourself familiar with before making a decision on your Mooring Contractor is contained in the "Dampier Moorings Handbook." Whitsunday Moorings and Marine Construction Pty Ltd uses this handbook as a minimum design standard.

Further reading of interest is contained in the National Moorings Network report which points towards future trends that may be implemented by Government Agencies and are already covered by our Helix/Block and Seaflex combinations.

Benefits of the Whitsunday Moorings and Marine Construction Pty Ltd EZYPAY arrangement are: